Writing Poetry is a solitary event
People may be around you
But really you are alone only
With your words
Your depression
Your tendencies to gravitate
Outdoors hopefully till you get outside of your head
Poets don’t understand poets
It’s the people who write not because it sounds good
But need to
that I get
I don’t find the need to be social
I will not put on a fake smile
If you make me happy
You are a friend
And there is nothing fake about that
Sometimes smiles are lion grins
And it is only what they see
And the weight of the words
Falling flat on my shoulder that they see
I feel like this is recess
And I am alone on the swings
I can’t believe I live my life like this
Wish I didn’t
If you ask a poet
They will only speak to you with eyes closed
Shake a hand quick
And leave you
Very much still alone
It is ink in my veins
That keeps me writing
If not I know I would be gone
Even in a crowd I stand
With headphones on
Indian style on the ground
With flags of different teams
I don’t think they will ever understand me
I am alone
Writing poetry
And when you are noticed
For writing it
Even in your peers
They realize that you are very much different
I guess that’s why I am an Oddball.


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His “Jagged Thoughts” column appears weekly.