I am an American Ghost

I am an American ghost

I am a character
Big head
Balloon eyes
Small legs
Tiny shoes
I play in doors
on rainy days
I seek shelter
But find no place

I am a character
Big ears
Small fears
World traveled
But still here
In a smaller world
I’d be a coin purse

I am a character
A small wooden creature
Trees for arms
Dance in fields
Knowing nothing
But the seasons
I dream so big
Yet act so small
I am nothing and
I have nothing and all.

I am a character seen
Through wooden doors
I kick and scream at
Steel posts
I let the stocks blister
My wrists
I feel nothing and everything
Existence and persistence
Yet I do not exist

I am a character
My eyes are blue and green
My teeth are sharp
And blinding to see
I am a work of art
I am the mona lisa

I am a character
I am high strung
Or strung out
I see gentle waves
Beneath my feet

I run from science
I am a scientist

I run for war
I am a pacifist

I am a lie detector
I lie the most

I am the son
Of the spirit
Of the holy ghost
I am syrupy sweet
Like French toast

I am an American
I am an American ghost
I am an American
I am an American ghost.

Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His “Jagged Thoughts” column appears weekly.