Everyone has their eyes closed
On this train
I have my eyes open
Praying for the rain
To end and
Bring sunshine around

Sunshine reminds me of Scusett Beach
an early morning retreat
Just over the Borne Bridge
The long Jetty that was always pronounced Jedi to me
Those waves
The waves overwhelmed me with laughter and later
overwhelming sadness
The joy of knowing that there never will be a never after and when you walk on that sand blessed by the summer sun
Nothing matters
the joy of knowing the water never stops
It bathes the coast with bright
Blues and greens
The curl of the waves
That sound of waves crashing
Receding and returning to the shore line
I look back at those times
With a happy heart

I visited Scusset many times
being young
growing up
Lost in songs

One time
I brought my manic bride to the edge of the water in the summer night
She left me alone playing a song about
How she could always make me smile

Scusset was the stage of my
endless summer
The boredom
The heat
of Summer nights
Left me the desire
To visit more
With a guitar and a deck of cards
Playing songs and solitaire at the same time

Writing down with feverish quickness
Each page filled with ink
The thoughts came so quick
I thought I was brilliant
Never thought
I was

I haven’t been back to visit Scusset Beach
In all it’s awesomeness
but one thing I know true
The ocean always gives back
what ever love you give to
And in its massiveness
It will never desert you
It will always be the cause of constant memories

Writing about the summer sea and the sunshine
Killing time on the red line
Listening to the kinks

You are a misfit
Just like me


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His “Jagged Thoughts” column appears weekly.