Jagged Thoughts #107: At Lover’s Lane in Echo Falls


At lover’s lane
in Echo Falls

a shadow
preys on timid legs.

Walks on all fours.
Feels no remorse.

As lovers
lose limbs, as tendons
are stripped like
bark on trees.

At Lover’s Lane
In Echo Falls

The rushing streams
conceal their screams.

Bodies found
limbs gone, half digested
found in lakes
half masturbated

The dead can’t speak
The cars aren’t found
For no one remains
Who visits
Lover’s Lane
outside of town.

At Lover’s Lane
In Echo Falls

There is something
In the fog

Consumes us all.
Blood thickens,
Clots in cold.

The bones are moldy
The bones are old.

The shadow expands
Hungry for souls

Every night, around dusk
The shadow comes
amongst us.

Preys on timid legs.
Walks on all fours.

Finding solace,
In flesh.

Tendons stripped
Like bark on trees…

No more Stephen King
For me!


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.


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