I am a unique individual
With principals,
A fistful to teach you
That as poets
WE are not for sale.

I am a lyricist
Running through
The woods as kids
Singing songs
That lifted us.

I am a writer,
Graffing walls,
Or writing on boards
With an outline
Or without one
I will draw your dream

I am a thinking soul
Running wild
In medicine stained
The time of day
To smoke and
Then to sleep
To bring peace
To our overworked
Medicated minds

I am a survivor
I have stopped my walk
At the sunset
And the 25th mile
I will run only for me
And never out of fear

I am mostly made up of water
But yet, I do not drown
I do not drown
If you cut me,
My blood will seep.
Yet, I will heal

This is the anthem of
A survivor surviving
A writer writing
An artist creating
A psycheward mainstay trying
A poet soapbox speaking
A graffiti artist creating beauty on buildings
A marathon runner running for love
This is for the addict embracing a second chance
This is the anthem of the
Dancer dancing
And a romance withstanding time

We are all dancers in a dream
This is our anthem
Shine on baby blue,

This anthem is for you.


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His “Jagged Thoughts” column appears weekly.

James Conant is a Cambridge artist who has recently added photography to his skills, which include clay sculpture, pen and ink, montages, and pencil art. He is always available for work and collaboration.