I have ups and I have downs.
I have left and I have come back.
I have my share of wins.
I have my share of losses.
I like to read.
I read a lot.
I like to escape into
another world.

I am an editor.
I am a poet.
I am a manic.
I have spirit.

My pen hates and loves.
My mind is tilting
I don’t know when the other
shoe drops, or if it does.

When you are up, you must embrace it.
Because when the tides change
So do you.
When you are down, you must grab on
to that depression like
a raging bull.

Don’t let it defeat you.
Know that the sun rises with or without us.
The trick is to stare at the sun
till you see that light in yourself.

I like to tell myself that.
I like to say that the world isn’t
Bastards and Brakemen
I know I am not lucid.

I know that even science is language.
I know we are all scientists.
I find comfort in the idea
that theories are the closest we have
to truth.

That the world accepts theories
and builds.

I like that poetry
Has no absolute truth.
It doesn’t need proof.

If you are a poet,
you create your truth.


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.