This is a book.
Its not a bible.
Your notebook is your bible.

Wu said that the B.I.B.L.E stands for
Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth
Pretty fucking cool acronym.

Your notebook is your bible.
Not your facebook.
Not your wall.
Not your instagram.
Not your feed.

I once thought that my notebook would help me walk on water
In the event that I would one day drown.
My last bullshit book, was a drowning pool.
And I let the bodies hit the ground.

But in all the eloquence and irreverence
There is one standard truth

You don’t know shit.
The only way you will begin to know that, is years of wins and loses.
And those bruises will define you.

Your notebook is your bible.
Write your psalm, write your scripture.
Write your memories down
Because they will one day forget you.

I keep every page I have written. I have a box full.
I may be the ugliest thing I know.
But my bible makes me beautiful.
My bible, my notebook, your notebook….the one that you create
It is your life.

it is your Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.
It is your RZA, and it is your Wu.
It is the only thing that can define you
And it will tell you where to go.


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.