Tattoo check
Hurts a little
Not a lot
Wondering about the pain
Lost in thought
Blocking each needle poke
With thoughts of fog and smoke
Thinking about breathing
Waking and dreaming
Thinking my teeth need cleaning
The needle feels like bugs like a bee sting
Ring in the bells
Singing songs in stereo
Water strokes
Digging courier in my skin
Owning everything
Believing and dreaming
The library
This is every day
Hurts but l’ll be ok
Dumb bells
Singing a melody
Listening to KRS
Waving flags of distress
Tribe called quest
Down by law
Always been
Always will be
The number three.
Feeling numb
Going to be someone
Already am.
But I’m not done
This isn’t even hour one
Reading Raymond Carver
Can’t really focus
Getting ink on my skin
Pain heals


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.