I need something new to define me.
Never wanted to be a Beatle
Let It Be
Never wanted to be a scene stealer
Number Three
I just need my wounds healed
Bandage me.

I want to go back to the love of words.
The world in three
Step three steps backwards
To a different world
When the only thing that mattered
Was getting it out
Not on to the friends in cyber space
But let the words out of the pen
On to the page
To get the shouts out of my mouth
Since I have been a toddler
I have been awkward
But for some reason
Writing brought me forward
And Oddball something I invented
Which was ingrained in me
Since that dream
Seems to be a real thing
And a lot of people enjoy the poets reading
Or the artists art, or the songs
That have been on, or the podcasts
I am happy at that.
I am.
I think I have built a community, a fam.
I think we all have our own reasons to be
And this is who I am
Regardless of what you think of me
I live an die by poetry
It has proved me when I couldn’t prove it
It has made me teacher, when I was student
It made me feel a part of a movement
And I love it.
And I am going to keep on doing it.


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.