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I got a monster in me,
It tells me where to go,
Directs my flows, and the pro’s prose, I know.
I got a crooked eye, like Crooked I
I got radio ears, and a mask like Doom
I got 35 under my belt, and a cat with
Nine lives departed too soon
And no one cries, no one mourns,
We put the headphones on and listen more
If you earned respect you are immortalized
Like a mural, painted on walls,
You never go away, you are missed
But when we listen to the music
You exist.

Like when EyeDea, left,
His last album made so much sense,
His sadness, and anger
“By the Throat” is one of his best
Still haunts me. Let his spirit rest,
But come alive again on wax

It’s the hip-hop planet, remember that
its where the masters of the mic
Go when they, say good bye,
they ascend from the earth into the sky

I have a heavy head, and a sullen heart
I’m thinking about Sean Price, and hip-hop
And I am reminded, though P is gone,
His music lives on, and that is the greatest gift
Showing humanity on wax.
Waking up with lyrics in your head, like EV said
And knowing your words hold weight like gravity
The mind flows, like a tsunami
Edging the rivers, and roadways,
‘you can’t stop me, you can’t stop us,
the hip-hop planet
from ash to ash from dust to dust
rhymes we bust, on the topic of lust, but wait…
Did you catch that lyric?
It was MCA rest his spirit, let it rest in space

Dilla one of the greats, left so much work behind
Let him rest in space, but if you need a taste
Put on Jaylib, or Dilla’s Donuts
When you need an escape.
When I write to the beat I use his instrumentals
Yeah, Yeah I’m a poet, but I know the fundamentals
And I learned it from the music I listened to
Pac, Biggie, and Guru, just to name a few

(Binay wants me to write about Binay and the Beast
A fable of fighting tooth and nail, sharp teeth
And a heart beat, that ones overdue, how bout next week??)

But I’m still thinking about hip-hop. I breathe it. I live it
I’m a poet, first and foremost, but can’t stop thinking
That some of these emcees emceeing is the reason I’m still breathing
I listen to it, it keeps my headstrong, it keeps
My mind vibrant, and I’m thinking about
P, and the sound of silence.
43, rest in peace, Sean P.

Then I think about the popular music,
And fighting over ghostwriting?
Never been one to bite, and every hip hop cat,
with a mic,

why bite?

Sean Price would never do that
Jay D would never do that.
Guru would never do that
Pac would never do that

I hear Madlib, and think Murs,
And be like, they would never use another ones words
Unless in tribute, like shouting out a rapper
Who influenced them, grabbing a hot line, one quick sentence
To show the influence, and represent respect

LB’s right, it’s a minstrel show, Rap went TMZ
But the greats are still putting out mix tapes
And dudes like Mac Lethal, who is so sick with his flows
Goes so underground, the only way the mainstream knows
Is when they put on the YouTube and hear his fast flows.
Dude has like 10 CD’s, and has been putting in work
Way earlier listen up millennials,

You want to love hip-hop
You got to learn your fundamentals.

(Here listen to this list, if you want to understand rap

Alright. In no particular order

You got Kool G. Rap, you got Wutang Clan
You got Redman and Methodman
You got tribe called quest, and Q-tip
You got MCA, Adrock and Mike D
On the old school tip
You got Reverend RUN, you got Boogie Down Productions
Where you think KRS one come from?

You got the classics, you got Big Daddy Kane, and Slick Rick
And Rakim, You got Pac, came from Digital Underground, with Shock G
You got N.W.A and Notorious B.I.G
You got Rakim, and you got RZA, GZA, and Raekwon the Chef
You got Eminem, Mos Def, Kweli and Common
You got Slaughterhouse, and Dr. Dre, the Chronic

You got Ice Cube and Mac 10, you got Scarface and Gangstarr
You got Atmosphere, Dilated Peoples, and Evidence, Rocca Irascience
You got Public Enemy, Chuck D, Doom, and Murs dropping science
You got cats like P.O.S and Astranautilis, and you got Nas and Jay Z
And the Ether diss, there was beef for a long time, like crosstown beef,
Soundbombing, Kool Keith. You got LB and Ludacris, and you got Phonte,
You got Chaundon, and Big Rapper Pooh, and Mac Dre, did I mention MF Doom,
And have you ever heard Madvillain? Say G and E, Grouch and Eli straight chillin’
You got Brother Ali, and you got Aesop, and you got More underground hip-hop
You got Why? You got Black on Both Sides, you got Madlib who I am listening to while I write, you got Buckshot, and you got Helta Skelta, you got People Under the Stairs, and Danger Mouse, your got RJD2, and Ghostface Killah, DJ Shadow, Wax Tailor and the Others, You got Binary Star, and One B Lo and you got Action Bronson, and you got Kanye, and you got Jay Z, and the hip-hop family, you got Murs and the song Everything, you got a whole bunch of other cats, that remain still

You got immortal technique, you got Jedi Mind Tricks, you got Mobb Deep, you got Das Efx, you got the Justice League, you get the point…man theres more, hip hop runs deep

So don’t waste you’re time on some twitter beef.)


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.