I could be a ground shaker
A ground mover
A lawn grower
A heart healer
I could be a kiss stealer
A born leader
A world teacher
A truth seeker
A true healer
I could be a hand to hold you
And I could hold the apples in orchard
I could hold the burning sun
And surf the skin of the
I could be your smarts
And your charms
I could be the ugly one that you love
I could be the drug that
You harbor
On your sedentary body
I could be your plastic surgeon
And help you make you over
I can be your happy home
For her and him
And her and her
And him and him
I can be the strong and the weak
I can be the silence that you hear
I can be the words
To heal

I want to be better
I want this thud in my brain
To move out
I want to remove the layers
And listen to the stereo sound
I want to sing without interruption
From my fluttering mind
I want more
And I can have all
I just have to break down the walls
The stereo sounds like truth
The layers need nothing
But a record spin
And I end
Only to begin again.

I want to raise my hand
And for you to pick me out of a crowd
And to levitate
And to turn me into a Bright Blue Butterfly To Illuminate these Never Town streets
And turn all of us into someday soons
Instead of never be’s


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly in Oddball Magazine.