We were
In darkest darkness

In the recesses of
The corners
Fire lit the caverns

In midst of chaos
We watched solids
Turn into gas
And amidst the confusion

We lit
the match.

We turned the switch
We rolled the pin
We sank the basket
We sunk the ship

And forever it has been
A dance with death

On rooftops
On mountains
In oceans
In lakes
In streams

In dreams.
At wakes
Numbed by potions
Inked in fountains
Mashed and slopped

A wane breath
The hearts of men

We, the tragically hip
We close the casket
We sit under it
Each painful stitch.

We lit
The match.

And amidst the confusion
We turned into gas
We stood solid
A mask of chaos

Fire lit the caverns
The corners

In darkest darkness,
We were



Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.