(x) is Always Confusing
Rain puddles kept coming
 fallen off the roof.
Displaying something from
Nothing is still nothing.
And an arcade of acrobats couldn’t bastardize the facts.
Can you come in quietly shut the door?
Divorce hurts more but the signs are on the wall
Every imaginary rhyme.
Stealth, sleek like a Firebird Or a boat driven by Ghosts, here it is approach with caution.
I have seen this before I have seen it so often
Just when you think your saved.
Killer whales eat kale and guys named Keith or Caleb
Leave oven doors open smother me Ms. Dickinson
Neither you or I could even dance that tango.
People say things to quarrel with love and listen and shove.
Read. Write Rhymes by Radiant rivers.
Unpolluted seas and valleys
so many variables.
(X) is always confusing
Refusing to yield
A zoo of calculators and zombie trigger fingers
We all should smile more
Go figure.


Jason Wright is the editor of Oddball Magazine. He is listening to Leonard Cohen at this very moment.