By Sojan W. Tihgr

I know every week, when it comes to write.
I wait for a letter from a man who’s out of sight.
His poems they come to my email box.
So quite regularly, they are grammaticaly impeccable.
No need to edit thee.
But ask Chad Parenth-ee
He might think differently.

This man he came into the submittable,
Oh it must be years ago, so long ago.
He once sent me a few poems, but never went solo.
So, I spoke to him many moons ago,
And said, Wow Sir, I love your style
Would you write a poem or two?
Will you stay awhile?

So alas, the wisest of words, besides the prose of Looy,
And the words of Tieg, become the best part of
My Friday, yes the very best indeed.
Because without a doubt, I must give a shout out.
To the Wise Word Steed, the Christopher Reeves
Of prose, of meditation, and many histories.

Thank you Sir. Your ballads have got us through.
They are not just poetry to me. They are the Evening News.

Sojan W. Tighr- Is the dopest Mutha who has every lived. She resides in Walla Walla Washington with her two sons, Twiggy, and Oprah. She is a fan of good, underground magazines who don’t care if you like them or not.


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