I managed to
mix medications,
kick in Doors.

Became Haunted by
revelations in
psych room walls.

Had a daughter.
She is the reason I
still can feel.

She is the only
thing that matters,
all that’s real.

I have managed to lose
a little bit more
than I would like.

Stopped drinking
and thinking so much
about life.

I guess
a win.

I have forced laughter.
I have had 365
cups of coffee.

I have read
twenty five books,
gained some knowledge

Mental illness
trauma based.

Life don’t stop
till your coughin’,
then a coffin.

Made a Marathon
down to 3.2 laps
around a track

in honor of
my nephew, I’m
proud of that.

Fought many times,
said many
hurtful things.

Ate lots of
Chinese food,
made my belly sting.

Wrote a handful
of poems, made
a few podcasts.

Had a subpar Christmas,
and we will see
what’s after that.

Still a rhyming idiot,
nothing’s going
to stop that.

Call myself a poet
but haven’t published
beyond this mag.

Made a mockery
of 501c3,
gave a valid try.

Holding out hope
that things
get better.

Gave up
Krav Maga
and wondered why.

Spent more time
reading than with
Vitamin D.

Got by
at work,
just barely.

Kids don’t
grow up
to be me.

Looking at
a Christmas tree
I barely watered.

Just trying to be
a better dad
than my dad.

Here’s to the

Happy New Year.
Maybe things
will be better.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly. His third book, Train of Thought 2: Almost Home is available now at the Oddball Book Store.