This world’s for the living,
and I am living,
so this world is for me.

Renewed, vitally,
mentally, to be
better than best.

Tribe Called Quest
still pumping
through my chest.

I will never stop,
dancing to acid drop,
beat drop, hip hop.

A long time ago
wasn’t long, that time
when I gave up.

Said I was
done with
my life.

Said I had
nothing to live for,
felt like dying.

Now I look into
my daughter’s eyes
and she gives me new life.

I could never
let myself go
down that long lonely road.

My heart full, about
to explode. Explosion
imminent. Emerson for President!

Making my mind
go over the times
I nearly went.

Now I’m glad
I made it
to see what’s next.

I broke down,
tried to pray,
couldn’t get words out.

Who knew
all I had to do
was stick around

and see what
life would do
to me.

Because I’m not
living for me
no more.

No, I am
for you,

to be the
best person
I can be,

to write the words
I should have written
a long time ago.

Not the ones
that would peg me
for death.

If you ever heard
me say them,
out my last breath.

That train ride
where I felt like
I had died

now fills
me up with
a sense of pride.

I got off
that train,
stayed the course,

took my scars,
let the blood stain
and stain over,

let the scars heal,
let the sunshine
in again,

and now
it’s brighter
than it’s ever been.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly. His third book, Train of Thought 2: Almost Home is available now at the Oddball Book Store.