Sticky sweet Peanut Butter Wolf.
Breaking the beats, got the earth,
spinning, winna is winning,
there selling insurance and I am
moving the earth with my fingerprints.
They threw me down the bleachers,
I forgive them.
As a man, I put away these childish things,
I know what love is, Corinthians.
So I keep on moving with the religiousness
to the beats and the swing, the moves of the
record as it spins, the folding of the vinyl
as it spreads its wings,
flies through the air and singes every thing that
it touches. The fire burns, with the emcee
rush, the ladies blush, the beats too much.
The sudden pause.
I am all out of love.

The next track goes on, and I keep moving on.
Break beats got my head and heart strong,
I see the dawn, singing my Swan Song.
won’t be long gone.
Led Zeppelin, girl I am going to leave you
but not till this beat’s through, the medicine man,
Morrison, Shaman or brilliance, bi-polar madness,
the wisdom of the musician, playing for cents
on the street corner
and sense writing in his notebook on the train
in the early morning, going to the job
that almost broke him,
got the world going early morning venom,
kept on moving on, kept the earth and its kingdom,
never let the song stop. If those batteries die,
then charge and keep on man.

Took a minute to flip the tape,
back at it, the soundscape moves the strange,
keeps on with peace and pain,
peace thru pain back again
in the 2021, a new rebellion,
keeping on the movement, like a reptilian,
broken and band-aided, make a million, trillion,
and back to the pavement,
Wu-Tang is for the children.

The beats, they so heavy, wreck my neck, make it move like
Mario Andretti on the momo, Tribe called wants their lyric back.
I said Tip, let me chill on this lyrical swiftness,
what you did for me back in 93
was straight up giving the gift of wisdom,
making me different then all the others,
cause I was bumping Low End Theory
while others were discovering fluffer nutters.
So thank you for back in the day
when I was a teenager.
Before, there was Trump, before there was Saga,
I was listening to Tribe, getting down to Jazz hip hop
While they were following the flock, I started Oddball.

The zine, you are reading, less paper, more digital,
look out for the paper version, hitting your street central,
keeping the illness, going but now the mentals fluent
no disorders, no deficit-based language,
no I know what I am doing, and I keep moving.
With the bass and the movement, a slug lyric,
had him on my podcast, what you think of that,
did you think winna would be doing something like that?

So, take a look at the steak, take a stab at it,
the basket case tragedy is know your majesty,
so bow down bully, the gravity got me lifted,
the wings of 95, back got my gifts gifted

Now, I got a foundation, making a difference,
while you are buying gold toe socks
and selling insurance, so what you got?
What you want? I am the man, and you are nothing more to me,
then a memorym an ugly memory, backhanded and bruised,
but oddball refused to lose, so this is what it is dude,
I am listening to Peanut Butter Wolf, and you are pushing pens,
trying to sell life insurance to a custodian,
and I am exploding on the microphone with this lyrical Zen.
could keep on going on, but when I am not pushing pens
I am helping peers, getting over stuff
that has been done to them over the years,
cause I can relate, cause I have felt your hate,
and now this track is over.

I got to put this behind me, celebrate the cerebrum,
the cerebellum, been to Deep Ellum to talk about my mental for AFSP
got in front of 303, and told them my life story, what did you do?
Since back in school, hope you know,
what I knew would bring me to this stage,
and you would still be on a bar stool
reminiscing about the school you ruled. Not me.

I moved on to the break of dawn,
I got this rhyming thing on lock.
Got Oddball on the airwaves, making it happen.
I don’t care what you did. I am over it.

Let’s move on from that chapter.
I am a man with a golden microphone.
You are Allstate, I am Progressive,
you know that.
I got to stop the transmission,
end with this lesson you won’t be forgetting

Winna is winning, Ben, thanks for everything.
Cause without your hate, I would not have

the foundation.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly. His latest book is Train of Thought.