You got this.

The new year is a wide eyed baby.
Always is.
It always is a new chance.
A slate of black stone, wiped.
Anything gone bad, gone.
Pandemic president, gone.
Orange faced fire, gone.

Toxic people in your life, gone.
It’s a time to reflect. Show the loved ones
They are loved.
Show the toxic
The door.

And in my heart, there I so much more.
So many drums banging in unison
to a little rhythm in my head.
It goes into the atmosphere
and hits like lead to the chest.
And my brain, was at rest,
now arhythmic mess, standing in the mirror
like do your best,
You got this.

So I look at the new year like a catalyst.
Like if you’re on my hit list, here’s the time I cross you off it.
Cause, I don’t need the toxic alcoholic. Too much of that makes me vomit
The self promoting poets gotta go. My feed is too full of them, to be honest
So I listen to the tap of the movement of the keys,
and it sounds like a cold steady freeze,
and I don’t need applause, no need.
So keep your feed. You’re bothering me.
2021 is the time to take off the gloves.
Give love to some
and tell the others to run.
‘Cause I am high strung,
caffeinated, I am something like
Out of a cave.
The sunlight hit me late while I dreamed,
said you gotta do something,
stop swimming upstream.
So I woke up, caffeinated my cup
and started writing
this piece,
like a throw up
spray painted on the wall.
I sing,
You dance.
I lift you up.
We fall for it all, no more.
I keep going,
pressing on record,
And I keep on going.
If we are keeping score
Is a new reward
For us all.

So happy, Happy.
See you in the new year
I am the writer,
you are the reader.
No more fear in the new year.

That’s what was in my mind
when I woke.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly. His latest book is Train of Thought.