You know I got it,
When I look at my watch, workaholic.
I got two dollars in my wallet.
One for you, if you need it, both really.
Money wont defeat me.
Don’t let it defeat you.

I have never had much, just enough for what I need.
I don’t need much, just air to breathe.
I don’t need much, just some books to read.
I don’t need much, just for you to leave me.
I don’t need much, just a second to think.
I don’t need much, just some love and deliverance.
Something other than medications to medicate my thinking.
Something other than bruises to remember the weekend.
Something other than laughter. I feel like I need a moment.
A vocation, for someone, is the reason to keep going.
An ocean without a boat is still an ocean
A kick start motor still needs oil.
And you, you got to keep moving.
And we will get there, maybe after the bars close.
Maybe after the stop signs go,
Maybe after the world war wind blows.
But we will get there.
Just keep moving soldier.
We are in this together.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly. His latest book is Train of Thought.