I feel nothing is real, or is it.
Prison is real, yes, take a visit.
I am not saying my mind is it.
But witness this. It’s called progress.
It’s a fission. Envision the cold compress,
The fevers rising.
And I am a slit.

A slit. A cut. A Slice. A tear. A rip.
I am a broken bone. A dentist drill.
I am aluminum gum. I am a needle. I am a prick.
I am a sour kiss. I am tongue kisses. I am licks.
I am sucks. I am swollen. I am stuck.
I am nothing. I am empty. I am a vacuum.
I am stolen. I am murdered. I am molested.
I am ugly. I am gross. I am mutilated.
I am beautiful. I am belle. I am bella.
I am umbrella. I am anchor. I am a jumpstart.
I am suffering. I am cancer. I am death.
I am sex. I am 9 months. I am life.
I am a poet. a writer. An artist.
I am a solid. I am a liquid. I am science.
I am your brain. I am a drug. I am your brain on drugs.
I am a bowl. I am a nugget. I am smoke.
I am The son, the Spirit, the Holy ghost.
I am Back to the Future, Back to the Future 2, and back again
I am the wild west, I am cowboys, I am Indians.
I am the west, Texas, and Anglo-Saxons.
I am Blue, I am Indigo, I am Aqua.
I am a taco, I am a gordita, I am nacho.
I am Navajo, Wampanoag, I am Cree.
I am everything, the whole thing, the mystery.
I am sick, I am illness, I am disease.
I am health, wellness, recovery.
I am schizophrenia, I am manic depression, I am OCD.
I am a battle, I am skirmish, I am, Word War 3.
I am medication, I am water, I am digestion.
I am naked, I am oil, I am lubrication
I am a book. I am a novel. I am an epic waste of time.
I am the Bible. I am the Koran. I am The Tao of Pooh.
I am Grateful, I am Dead. I am Over.
I am singing in the shower, driving nowhere, and not getting pulled over.
I am white pages, red lines, and blue spaces.
I am United States, I am America, I am United Nations
I am Christmas, I am Hallows eve, I am Pagan.
I am Devil, I am Demon, I am Satan.
I am love, I am hope, I am appreciation.
I am a singer, I am a drum, I am a celebration.
I am Yesterday, I am McCartney, I am Lennon.
I am Andy, I am TJ, I am Andrew, I am your best friends.
I am Lisa, I am Obi, I am Oddball.
I am everything, I am the whole enchilada, I am the reason my heart beats at all.
I am Rob, Amanda, Effie
I am pushed too far, left too soon, left and still don’t know why.
I am music, I am art, I am dancing in the rain.
I am peace, I am poetry, I am pain.
I am overdone, burnt, gone on too long.
I am this poem, I am this song, I am done. I am gone.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly. His latest book is Train of Thought.