By no means is my country perfect.
But each American has a purpose,
and It was to stop the circus
and let us get back to the surface,
’cause we were drowning.
And I was going down, way down.
and down deep was
burgundy algae all around me
I couldn’t breathe.
couldn’t breathe.
It was too much for me.
I wasn’t sure if this was a confederacy.
I was plummeting down
into hopelessness.
then, like that, America
emerged, from booth to shining booth,
from coast to coast,
pumped vote after vote
into Blue notes,
and the red, white and blue
Started flowing again,
a Blue Train, like Coltrane,
started moving, gaining speed,
And America spoke,
said take your hands off my throat.
We can’t take no more!
I feel different,
like the Sith moved out
and A New Hope has moved in.
A crowd of people moving
towards improvement.
In truth, this is my jam.
To see good ol’ Uncle Sam, blue again.
‘Cause I was worried man.
Same refrain,
same tired song sang.
It’s different now.
Americans are saying
we are going in a different direction
in this election.

We elected the right President.
And I feel proud again
to be American.
And everything else,
each tired tweet from the old regime,
doesn’t matter to me
’cause people like me
are dancing in the streets.

It feels good for some reason.
It feels good.
Like pinch me I am dreaming.
But if this is a dream
then I am going to keep dreaming.
‘Cause it feels good.
To feel like I can dream again.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly. His latest book is Train of Thought.