The wild ride that seems my life.

As I write this, I am drowning.
The breath is leaving my body,
and I am floating.

I am dancing around ceramic tile,
and the clergy is coming.

And I have been running from something my whole life.
Well, I am sick of running.

But I will continue to run, from death to life, I’m her baby.
I have been selfish, I have been savage, I have been medicated,
I made death love me completely.

I have been sneaking around on death for a while now,
but she still calls me bae, or baby.
And I can’t tell death no lies, I am in her, shes in me.

We are devoted, completely.

We are wearing masks at groceries,
we are double barreled, locked and loaded.
She is my GOP baby, you bet me and death be voting.
Death looks so good today, I love it when she wears red,
and I say bae, you are beautiful.
And she looks at me like I am already dead.

And I say death, bae, lets be together,
till the next plane crash disaster,
till the government polices the people
and we drown in blood and gravel,
till the love from your eyes drain
like the blood stains on concrete apartments complexes,
till there is justice for those left unsaid,
till we can lift our skeletal heads.

Till we rise from whats left.

Death, you fit me like finely crafted jewelery.
Life, you never loved me, truly,
but Death, oh beauty, you have ruined me.
Lets take the drugs and run
to the next episode is over and they make us into statues,
Hold my hand death, into the next timezone,
into the castles and the shadows.

But right now, hold my hand, baby.
The sharks are hungry and they’re feeding.
The scent of blood is in the air,
and these baby sharks are teething,
And I am bleeding.
With each syllable written, I’m bitten.
And I want to be with you, on my twitter feed.
Death, I’ll lie with you this evening.

And I want to swim with the sharks tonight
from sea to shining sea.
Death be my paddle boat, grab me by my throat.

America, I can’t even…


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly. His new book is Train of Thought.