I was chosen to read at Winchester Fest put on by Whisky and Beards Publishing Co, an amazing poetry collective out of Kent, UK. They’re doing great work for the poetry community during the COVID-19 pandemic that has literally taken over the world. Many people have referred to our current crisis as our New Normal. I first noticed Whisky and Beards on Facebook through a Poetry community group that I belong to. I was able to hear a few readings from beast poets like the founder Connor Sansby and asked if I could get involved.

Cheerfully, Connor obliged, and I read yesterday on their 45th day of Winchester Fest! I entered at 3:00 PM my time, spoke with Alex Vellis (nice guy by the way) and Connor (also nice), and soon I was live to a worldwide audience. Here is my reading below.

Winchester Fest is an awesome event that has writers from all over the world from Spain and Germany, and now Boston MA (woot woot)! I encourage the Oddball Readers and contributors to get involved. If anyone would like to be a part of this event send an inquiry to Connor on their Facebook page. I can’t guarantee you will get in. Connor wants the best of the best poets. The poets who have graced the stage before are real deal poets. Thankfully, so are the poets at Oddball Magazine.

Here is even more Winchester Fest, literally happening as I am writing this.


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