I have a problem with this book. It left my mind so incredibly open, that I can’t shut it. I just walk around, and people say “Hey, pal, can you shut your mind?” And I say, “Sorry, can’t. Just read Punk Science.”

I love big books and I can not lie. I love big words as well. I love challenging books, and books that make you think. This book makes you think from its first page, and all of a sudden you are on a roller-coaster of consciousness. You want to have some fun with this book? Read it with Alexa. She will fact check everything that is said in this book. And you will be like “Damn, this home recorder is pretty fucking smart.” And if you want to go further, every chapter is cited and resources cited are at the end of every chapter. Also there are a lot of cool punk references through out. Hence, Punk Science.

I am under the impression that if you get anything out of a book then you have succeeded. I mean going from the basic subatomic particles to the Black Hole Principle to String Theory to the Quantum Vacuum all in a little bit over 300 pages is pretty crazy. As I said, I love to learn, and maybe I don’t quite understand the electromagnetic forces that hold us down, or the science behind the causes of mental illness, but I loved reading about it.

If you read close enough, and don’t have a squirrel brain like me, everything is explained in this book. From the Big Bang Theory to the Big Crunch all Nestle-d into one little book. (Chocolate bar reference, I know you got it.) I loved Dr. Manjir scientifically explaining metacognition and the supernatural, linking spirituality, cosmology and quantum mechanics.

This book was very, very…..cool. Not for normals, but for people who love to think and gain insight and knowledge. I might read it again, but then again,there are 8 billion books in the world, and with the limited amount of time in a day, (and in life), I might not. But you should. You should absolutely read it.

This book opened my mind up so incredibly to the idea of consciousness, that it makes me want to explore Quantum Theory further. I want to have deeper discussions about it. I mean metacognition, mental illness, apparitions, string theory, c2 theory to reductionist theory, to Schrödinger, to a possible theory of everything, the Black Hole Principle. all in a little over 300 pages? This is an invitation for anyone who wants it. Just read it. It’s out there. This information is wild.

Believe me this is a one-shot quick review. But even though I didn’t understand it and won’t pretend to understand that I do. I learned something, maybe not able to express what I learned without making this a book report, but I learned something. Reading Punk Science is an experience. If that is what you are looking for then definitely read this book.

Jason’s Takeaway: Definitely must read. Mind=Blown.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly. His new book is Train of Thought.