This book inspired me, tired me, and made me feel like with a little push I can do anything. I even started running! This book made me think I could putter around for two miles, wheezing around my neighborhood. It felt good, though. If a book can get me to run out in my neighborhood before the sun comes up, then it will do something for you.

I could describe David Goggins in a few simple words: The Definition of Beast mode. Without getting into the specifics of this book, and without summarizing the text, I will tell you I am ready and poised to think life as a game that I am absolutely going to crush. I will hold myself to a higher standard and make the uncommon man’s work ethic my work ethic. I am the definition of moldable. As a man who has dealt with uncertainty my whole life–doubt, naysayers, as well as supporters, mentors, and motivators–life can’t seem to be summed up in a review of this book. If you want to read it, go ahead, it’s a great read. It definitely had me thinking about life differently, and I refuse to spoil even an ounce of this book for you.

David Goggins has lived an incredible life. The pages illustrate it quite flawlessly. Life lessons have been learned, and my life is forever changed. There is something about a man’s life that can’t be described in a few hundred words, and especially from someone who hasn’t lived it.

This book I consumed in three days. I challenged myself to take down three chapters a day. Hey, not bad. That has to to with the quality of the writing, and David Goggin’s story. And the fucking crazy thing is it is 100% true.

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Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly. His new book is Train of Thought.