A Three is a deep thinker.

So if anyone says you are a Three,
say Thank You.
If I call you a Three, know you mean something
to this world.
Or at least to
You are a Three.

A Three doesn’t take no.
A Three challenges the status quo.
A Three is a poet.
A Three is a man, woman, or being
who sees without seeing,
frees minds that needs freeing,
has ink in its veins
and heart beats in meter,
makes the mood improve just being there.

Threes show style in the clothes they wear-,
read books with beautiful endings,
want to make the world move with their message,
want to cure the world of depression,
teach their truth, each lesson learned.

Threes turn the page.

Wild, a Three is.
A wiz in biz, a Three is.
A mild mannered reporter by daylight
fighting crime at twilight.
That’s what Threes do!

A Three is a
work in progress,
a world traveled, debonair
maker of something,
stirring up the conscious
like loose leaf tea.

A Three is a beautiful thing to be.

I am a Three.
Anyone reading this,
you are a Three.

You will make magic just be existing.
Everything a Three does
pays off with


I will never be number 1.
But I will always be a



Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly. His new book is Train of Thought.