Inspired by Washday #6 by Rob Littlefield

Illuminated raindrops
splash on the sidewalk.
The puddles of neon lights.
The vibrant city life.
The world is alive.
The stoplights, never stop.
The heart never stops,
until it does.
Till the blood stops pumping, and
the air escapes our lungs.
The flash of the blue lights,
the orange amber sky
The sirens are blaring,
the people stop for a minute.

The vibrant city life.
One dead.
Nothing to see here.
They keep walking.

The city never stays silent. Never stays quiet.
Only on rainy days and rainy nights.
Maybe over the loss of life.
Maybe for the widow’s wife.

But still,
those neon lights—
They never stop


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly. His new book is Train of Thought.