Obi you are my favorite
Lil’ landshark.
You have taken a piece of my heart
My lil Landshark.
Where would I be without you
I would be in the dark.
Obi, you are my favorite
Lil’ Landshark.
I don’t have to try so hard,
My Lil’ Landshark.
I know my rhymes carry bars.
Lil’ Landshark.
So if I talk about my dog
And how great he is,
I’m not worried about saving face
To a crowd like this.
So I sing these lullabies
To Obi my lil’ Landshark.
What’s in your food, lil’ dude?
Look at the little teethies,
You rock like all three Beasties,
And like the Beasties, no sleep for me.
So lil Landshark, should dad drop bars?
Nah, I’ll keep in shore.
I’ll let Obi handle the fishes.
Feeding frenzy, My little Boston Frenchton
The Mighty Mighty Obi,
Standing two feet tall.
The perfect mascot for this Oddball.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly. His new book is Train of Thought.