Activation Warning: Murder

Every October 29th
A writer comes out of the grave
To mourn his murdered wife.
He wanders the scene
Where her throat was slashed,
Where her tongue was cut
And her head was bashed.
And the money they grabbed
Was all in haste
As they took her body down the fire escape.
And every October 29th this man
Comes ripping out of the ground.
He laments his wife, three years long gone now.
And he roams the place where she screamed for her life
And three men took her money, and took so much more.
And on that October 29th as the man
Walked down the dark, sullen street
With his beautiful wife,
Two people came up to him, and said
“Do you have the time? I am late for a train.”
Then they pulled out a gun
And put two in his brain.
And they said “Where you going honey” to the wife,
I can’t say much more, I don’t think it would be right.
But as she writhed on the ground
And they laughed and they ran.
The man bled out of his brain, into the storm drain.
And now, every Oct 29th, two days before Halloween,
He haunts the streets where his wife
Writhed and bled, and he looks for the men
Who did what they did.
But to the dead, all the world looks the same.
So each day, he looks for those men
Who were late for the train.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly. His new book is Train of Thought.