Poem to pass the time.

Sitting in a coffee shop, listening to the beat drop of that hip hop.
Thinking rock, thinking roll, so much soul, hard to control.
Thinking about the hazy shade of winter I have had to endure.
Thinking my mind is on the brink of boiling, and I got the cure.
Listening to the drum track, I got my mind back, and I am alright with that.
The rhythm sticks, to me like Penelope, Odysseus, make you sick like
This is the On the Road of my soul exposed.
Writing rambling, and feeling like I am in control.
This is the Leaves of Grass, Whitmanesque, a Song of Myself.
This is the better of the better hand dealt, my mind begins to melt, like cheese
          on toast
And I don’t let it go, almost, over, but not quite there soldier.
This is The Mighty, making rhythms clashing nightly, making the sadness of a
A nightingale, Florence. Italy, rhyming got the best of me.
And I’ll never give up this drug, the poetry flows through me,
like too much coffee. Making music, with the keys, thinking piano, when I let go
          the tempo.
The temperature in this coffee shop, and these beats I am writing with.
Jazz music, listening to the truest. Got to get through this.
It’s called Perseverance. True brilliance can’t be defined by the millions.
I got this in packed pavilions, straight chilling.
Go man, go, write man right, you got it go for it, make it nice.
Make us feel alright.
You, Me and the nobodies. We are on this planet, push come to shove, it’s all
And it fits me like a glove.
OJ, Ace Ventura, the words so perfect, got to go further.
Got this, don’t care if you read it. I really don’t, it’s a rhythm-push-pop, lyrical
Singing this side of the subway, letting all the rhymes play, like a scrimmage
Rhythm so infinite, build a bridge, get over it. Brain damage? Rewire it.
I think, like a brick, and I sink, like a stone, And I rock, and I roll. And its 10 am,
I got so much soul, I never know, when to stop, and when to go. The miracle is
          this writing
Has gotten me through the other side, and I am finally over it.

Over the medicinal abyss.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His newest collection, Train of Thought, is forthcoming.