Seriously, MantheStorm what’s your function?
To make music and puts words together like nothing?
To move around, pivoting in a world that is too numb?
To feel something, to write my pain down and record it and perform it with drums?

I am an uncaged animal on the stage.
Maybe that’s the cards that I play with this, leather weathered face.

Maybe someday, some place I will see the blue
like it’s an object of not just the lines I write on
and the feelings I go through, maybe, maybe
I’ll let these feelings in me flow freely.
But love and longing, makes for good poetry.

I really wish I wasn’t here right now.
And there is still so far to go to get home.
And here I am, reappearing as a freak in
my mirror. Slowing down feeling fear, letting
the right rhythms and the soulful system.
Some soulful Soul Position to listen.
I just want to feel like I’m winning, not losing.
But feel down, low and stupid,
That’s the smile I wear, it matches my shoe.
Three lines down the center, with atmospheric
With nothing to prove, nothing left to lose.
When your lost in a world of two’s
There’s no room for a 3 in this world.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly. This week’s poem is a selection from his forthcoming collection Train of Thought.