In my dream, I rode a spaceship
Dub flying high.

Listen to me man,
I got a story to tell, Sigh.

Here it is, here’s one for the kids.
One for the movement, whatever that is.
One for the ages, one to remember for days.
One for the enlightened, one for the saved.
One more to grow on, one to fill up to the hilt
Till knowledge leaks out like blood from the skin
Or something that you want to remember, you’re stricken to forget.
No less forgive.
This is another one, in the gutter one, a Minor Threat, a Fugazi.
This is the love letter you meant to sent, when no one knew you.
When you were free from apathy, and every other emotion.
This is the exception to the rule.
This is old school, this is a photograph.
This is science, this is math, this is an autograph on a baseball bat.
This love right here is for the one who wants to move.
I fell asleep listening to Bad Brains.

When I woke I wrote this poem.
Take me. Leave me.
I am a rocket launcher
And breaking rules, is the only rule.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.