The world/not broken.
My life/ not over.
My world can change.

My eyes/dry.
My heart/open.
My mind/calm.

My morning sun is coming.
I (need to) feel better.
I am feeling better (already).
No excuses.

Here in my element.
Sitting back/broken, I’ll rise again.

It’s been so long (since I wrote for me),
Without some kind of pay day
Publish right away.
I am a (manic) man
No Stan, I bought my own land
line credit : Evidence

Let me list the reasons why I am on this trajectory:

I write music when it’s in my headphones, it’s what’s left of me
The right brained, JSNWRT, indefinitely
With the beat, broken/back dancing, backdraft
Thinking like a whiplash.

Mechanic Mind
Macro-Scopic, Psycho/Tropical, Robo-Poetry
Back to the future, step back, beatback
back in the Cadillac
Frozen in space, mellow back-beat-back-broken-blue-note-Martian

Here I go again.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.