This poem is brought to you
By the styling of RJD2
Beats, Rhymes, Life.
Tribe Called Quest.
John Coltrane
Simon and Garfunkel
And Mental Health Advocacy.

Lets go.
The rhyme on the radio
It blends so slow, and low, that is the tempo
Don’t you know?
ADROCK, MCA, MIKE D said so.
ADROCK. MCA, MIKE D that’s Me!
No that’s not me.
I am a poet
I am not an emcee.
But I can be whatever I say I can be.
So I’ll be me.

This, and that.
What I wish I could have.
I would have all of that ass
All of that science, all of that math.
All of that muse, my whiplashed back.
If I could be the one in the mirror.
Scarface, Twoface, Lovelace.
I could stop a drive by, in the Southside
Love, I can go off
Off the top of my mind.
I can go mess up the tempo
Stop this ride, I need to get off.
I am puking on the teacups
And this roller-coaster ride is getting rough.

Read my book. Am I good enough?
Let me be 132 characters of tweets from yours truly.
I listen to music, its lax attitude so smooth it moves through me.
Still RJD2, my life is like a movie.
Maybe a made for TV after school special
Cause I read real well.

I write. Reiterated, My life is restricted viewing for the ever jaded.
I got RJ in my headphones, and I just go rabbit.
Listening to the drum beat, down with the patriarchy
Bring back Cleopatra.

I am just a fool on the hill
Like Bufallo Bill.
Shooting blanks at the target
Fire at will.

Self deprecating, detective novel.
A would be writer, a wooden nozzle
As violent as a bloody brothel.
A flower, watch it blossom
Preview, in the rearview
Nothing behind me.

Rhyming abstract Aesop Rock
But down in luck.
My poetry sucks.

Step up to the plate you mental masturbator
Letting the beat ride out
Like a rollerskater
Like a mad hatter.
You might be a tourist
If you have read this to the end.

I applaud you.

Released in time
Rest in Peoples Mind
For a long winding minute.

This has been a scribble, a digital scribble.
Writing to the beat of an Instrumental.
What is beat science?

That’s the answer.
Alex Trebek
ain’t got nothin on me.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.