In the perfect world she would be curvaceous
I would be courageous
And each word contagious.
I would be super human, light speed
Dilated and huge.
In a perfect world.

My stomach would be thin.
My abs, ripped
My heart strong
Lungs pink.
Mental Health what’s that?
Not an issue.

I wouldn’t have a crack in my forehead
That keeps me from planning for the future
But lets me make plenty excuses.
In a perfect world, I wouldn’t need to.

In a perfect world I wouldn’t be the coward I am.
I would be strong and smart like Wu-Tang.
I would be rhythm and blues
I would be American Idol
Billy Idol
Not idle.

I would be Tyrannosaurus Rex!
Yet, I am extinct.
I must stop dreaming of this perfect world.
It is not me. And I am not it.

I am a flabby poet.
Not tight. Not trained.
Learning to walk again.

Contained in time.
I am a Zyprexed Mind.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.