A poem is simply a dance in sand
Where the hand is forced and

Where bastards with bids and bitches with quills run their games
They sink into submarine chests
To find a goal
To find a parachute or a pair of shoes.
A wish on wisdom is a foul game
But god has been the one that we can talk to.
Hey buddy sorry we didn’t have any time today
We are going out for dinner tonight and we then went out to dinner with him

Hey buddy sorry I can not reschedule this week but if you
Wanted a egg salad and cheese sandwich with bacon…
Hey man sorry I missed you.
We talked about how the meeting was going and we went out to dinner with your friend.

Auto correct wants me to
Dine with God.

Wants me to sit in the bar with you and then you and I can talk about you tomorrow night.

Autocorrect wants me to drink with God.

You are well and I can do that.

(This poem was created by letting My phone zigged the next word.)

I can send you a picture of the stuff that we talked about tomorrow and then we can get together and get
          some dinner 🥘

Baseballs are going to come back in the next week and then we can get together sometime next Tuesday.

Winter is a great time of year and holidays when we are there in our house and we are at our place

Its going to be a rough night but if I can get a little bit more time I can come over to your place tomorrow

You try it poet.

See what poems you can make. Let your phone make you a mad man and then we can get together sometime next year and we can get together sometime next Tuesday.

My iPhone and I will have to get some more stuff done ✅

This week is going to be fun.
Adventures in the new world of:

Art, Music, Snow.

I like the way you think IPhone!


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.