364 days
So many mistakes
How long can we wait
Till we re-educate
The head of state?
How many tweets must one
Man tweet
Till he realizes the error of his ways
And how many times
Can he tweet about Colin Kaepernick
And how we should stand when the anthem plays
And how many times can he ignore the cries
Of Puerto Rico, Florida, and all states hit by hurricanes?
And how many times can he say all lives matter
And let crooked cops serve with pay
And how many times can he yell Jail Crooked Hillary!
And tweet Whatever he wants to say…
The answer my friend
Is resting in his hands
Or the laptop he plays
Candy Crush on
Or watches YouTube on
When he’s on Air Force one
When he can’t sleep at all
When he’s in the hallowed halls
Of the Whitehouse whitewashed walls
The answer is when he’s bored
Whatever’s on his mind
Gets tweeted in real time,
The answer is our presidents is well versed
In the twitter universe
One million followers
He’s a character with 132 characters
In a ongoing one act play.
And can’t end this poem
In a serious tone
hope Bob Dylan doesn’t see
This poem
Or hope
Joan Baez
Understands the tone
I’m mocking her song
And this has gone on too long…
A million followers he tweets:

“The failing Oddball Magazine and their mediocre poets, what a lousy magazine folks. Trying to disguise the real truth that their editor and associate editor…all fakenews folks, all fake news. #grabembythesyntax”


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.