I was thinking of writing you a note.
One last note to tell you
How I feel.

How it is.

Instead I let my tears awake me
From this daydream life.
I don’t have the time to write my life story.

It is probably not worth noting.
I do know that it has been difficult.

A trial. Maybe by fire. Not sure.
Maybe a firing squad.
Undecided yet.

Today I melted into you.
The universe scolded me for doing so.
Tomorrow I am sure I will cry again.

It’s useful to know the flood always comes.
Probably more then me these days.

And I oh lonely I oh lonely little i
Think. Therefore I am.
But I think wretched madness.

Does that make me?

Your slings and arrows they are coming so fast lately.
My shield is stuck with many.
Not one has pierced my heart yet.

But many are coming really fucking close.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.