I have to write more.
Feel the freedom
of words
                          sweet like a peach
off my fingers
Her curves–

I want to take waves
out of the water
and put them in my pages.

Escape from this.                  Escape from all of this.

Wish my words could save me.
Take each word
carefully from my diary
and make a

Make a paper
house.                 Make a paper family.
Make love to my
paper wife–
eat her paper pastries.

I escape into my notebook.
too saddened by my reality.

I watch the Celtics game.
I do my laundry.

I sing a lullaby
                        for drunken fathers
I sing a lullaby
                        to our instability.

I sing a lullaby
and say good night
to my

Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.

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