Work the angles like a fisherman
The frying pan sizzling again
Flying high in the sky like superman
Got my legs like Lieutenant Dan
Squadron Leader of the Rebellion
On a solo mission, call me Han.
Got cash on my mind like Wu-Tang Clan
Never grow up like Peter Pan
time running out, we’re all made of sand
These are the days of our lives like cable Tv, we’re on demand
Man up or ship out with the one man band
It wasn’t me it was the man with one hand
Fugitive of the rhyme scheme like a stranger in a foreign land
So flexible, so bendable like a rubber band
It’s a runners world
And I’m a marathon man
Wishing we could go back, do it all
Over again
But life is not pencil, no stencil
To show us how to make amends
How to keep friends, make ends
Stay away from negative trends
Radiohead, me, I got the bends
Seamless transition, end the sentence tabula rasa-a clean lens
A flyer man with the paper and pen
Mind open 24/7 like seven 11
quarter past ten
Coffee got me dizzy
Like 2Pac said, keep ya head up
And never give in to a life of sin
Heartz of men
Is a real gem, give it a listen
And let me know how it goes then
Write flows between shows
Not how, or what but only how high the grass grows
Flows to cut down foes
Watch the tree trunks bend
Fall over how many times
And get back up
Not now then, when?


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.