The world is on fire.
The state on lockdown.
Our king, a liar.
A clown with an orange frown.

The resistance.
The rebellion.
Star Wars, Orwellian.

What have we become?
When did the 99 become the one?
Where are the angels on high?
Where is the happiness, has it gone to die?

What glasshouse are we living in?
More prisons and a wall to let nobody in?
To let the fatter fatten up
and the thin more thin?

Where is the peace promised?
What is this liquid dishonesty?


In every beginning there must come an end.
In this case it is the news thread that unwinds
this tale of end times.

Wintry freeze, cold bread lines.
Enemy lines have become enemy minds.
Amerikkka, take the k’s out like strikeouts.
Get a new pitcher.
Warm him up, take him to the mound.
Let this 9th inning, last just a little longer.

Let the common man laugh and the wounded heal.
Let the steel wheelers strike a deal.
Let the whistle blowers blow and blow.
Let the protesters speak, let the world know

We are all not orange haired millionaires.


In a perfect world, the violence stops and violins start.
An orchestra where we will play our part.

Composers with blind eyes and woven hair
Write into the night
A sonnet
of honesty.

Poets wield the mightiest sword.
The pen will one day heal the world.
Make the world a safe, for all boys and girls.
to keep them safe from the flies and dirt.

The mountains purple mountains majestic
Look beautiful from the air

Its all plastic.

The millionaire manic
is making his picnic.
and I am not invited to it.

And we must all watch as he plays chessboards
Soldiers in forgotten wars make new ones to make stupid lucid.
To give history something for him to do with it.

A old rusted broke down ford
In the millionaires back yard.
A old rusted broke down ford,
In the Lords front yard.

A nation waiting for the car to start.
Cause its cold
And its getting dark.
And the wolves are out.


The fuel is on the fire.
And it is getting warmer.
Marco Polo, we have all yet to discover

A masterpiece in frozen water.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.