Do you. You do what you do.
You read each letter for letter.
You try and do it better.
You lost? You ready for bad weather?
You trying? Workinonit, gotta get it together.
You walking in a ghost town?
You last to know, when it go down?
You last in line at the bread line
You first in tow to get down to the beat?
You the better of the two, rhyming elastic?
You singing good, that’s fantastic.
You rubbing two matches together to make fire?
You ready, you set, you go? You liar?
You wretched with the linguists, you all talk, you got it?
You got the gunpowder, you got the chance?
You gonna take a shot at it?
You wild? You lost, You stupid or Something?
You Forrest, You Gumping, running till you hit the crowd?
You bumping, booting, slashing, sticking?
You drinking that gasoline, got you liquid thinking?
You immersed in a Dilla beat, rest in peace to the greatest?
You writing circles around these other cats?
You know, you Break’em.
You creating something out of nothing? You doing it?
You building one cohesive unit, to the movement?
You sick with the stylo, you infinite with the pencil?
You drawing straight, no ruler, no stencil?
You got oddball tattooed on you shoulder?
You a man of letters?
You high caliber, high rhyming, high, high high?
You better.
You better.

You concussed reading this?
You wondering where the exit is?
You wondering? Stop wondering.
Its Summer, Its thundering,
Its lack of windows, and it’s a hundred,
It’s a thick bash, boom bat, a thick thud,
Leave you forever stuttering.
Its all brought to you by Dilla Donuts, 9th Wonder, MadLib
Got the mixtape bumping.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.