Only lovers make it out alive.
Neither sparks the flint
like Lazarus
You would have said I stayed too late in my cave, got out slow and

Low that is the Tempo
Ode to the old, the Beasties got soul
Vocals and mic control
Even in the sideshow, the

Made rock and roll
King Kong entertained us all
Even Lois Lane made Superman

the movies, immortal.

On the silver screen
Under stars and over skies
The moon landing.

Ali made Frasier fall
Lions roar in bathroom stalls.
Icarus flew too close to the sun.
Vincent Van Gogh couldn’t paint a prettier picture.
Even in darkness, only lovers make it out alive.

And every typewriter may jam.
But there will always be
Dumb fucking
Blatantly counting each stroke.
Assholes forcing you to strive for par.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine.