to Eliza, The talker off the ledge.

Coffee can be a killer.
Its percolation can bring you to the tipping point.
Its wonderful aromatic blend can bring you to the ledge.
Its sweet kick in the morning, can leave you sleepless if tested right.
It’s a beautiful edgy bitch, isn’t it?
It will lift you, but if you sip too much it can kill you…or at least make
you think so.

I love coffee.
I love its wonderful perkiness
Its lovely bitterness.
Its addictive sweetness.
I don’t have too many vices these days.

But coffee, girl I can’t quit.

I don’t think I could. But addiction, its not good.
But your beautiful blend
Took me to the edge.
Sped up my speech and brought all my anxieties
to the board meeting,
for something I truly believe in.

But coffee, I can’t quit you.
Sleep, I need you,
So coffee I must tame you.
I’ll drink you all up in the morning
But I’ll let your sleepiness take over me,
Maybe sip you again, but don’t take me over that ledge.

Oh Coffee. Oh Anxiety, Play nice.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine, His column appears weekly.