Let the world have it.

How do I feel today?
Not great.
Didn’t sleep well.
Sick and regretful
Abused, misused.
The feeling I could
Wash away and you wouldn’t stop scrolling.
The feeling of memories swishing through my mind…
Trying not to remember
Giving up.
Trying not to recall
How I loved the game
But didn’t believe in myself.
Trying not to think
About how I am a joke.
Punchline in and punch on out.
This day just started.
I want to go back to bed.
Trying to feel grateful
But just feel dead.
Just another manic Monday….

My love.
Today I am done.
And it’s not even breakfast.
Sing canary sing.

Regretful coffee cup
Sinking down
Into my bed
Hide me in my sheets.

I was going to let the world have it.
Let them know they didn’t defeat me.
But I just want to slide back into my place.

The grooved out spot where my bones sit.
Next to nobody
In never town


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.