Smoke in the air from a traffic stop.
Where Philando Castile got shot for reaching into his pocket.
And facebook live caught it,
And then some cops got it, damn…
Some solid stretch of savagery.
From police brutality to political pageantry.
From thinking things are gravy
When Freddie Gray wasn’t on the top of the block.
When we were just starting to turn our eyes to
Something else, like the mess in the toupee, or
The deleted e-mails, and Bernie.
Now, were back in revolt status
Back to the future back at us.
So let the peaceful protesters march
and molotovs fly
and dance the doom out of the sky
with Facebook Live.

But yo, keep watching for Pokemon in the streets
Not these crooked police and our brother Philando Castile six feet deep
Because of a reasonable reach.
With his girl in the passenger seat
Recording it for the world to see.

#Stay woke
#no joke


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.