The inside is splitting,
The abdomen
Is firing half cylinders.
The tongues got blisters
from all these tongue twisters.
Hurrah for hurricanes of novocain,
food to put in my stomach
hope this pain goes away.
Probably, don’t count me out just yet
I still got a lot on my plate
and I’m not full yet.
So rhyming on the operating table,
Yeah that will be me, recuperating in the waiting room
with cable TV.
Eating hospital dinners
for a couple
of weeks,
Then I’ll be back on my feet.
Running havoc in the streets…
Doubt it.
But that’s a good place to be.
Thinking there’s something positive,
Listening to birds chirping
As the deafening drum beat
beats a drum for me.
And I march to the end
of the page
of the beach.
my third eye.
Blind or maybe
too wise to see.
Sitting in Native American movements
meditating on
Where the world lost peace
and if it was when
I was born
or before me.


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.