Let’s see where my brain takes me–
undertones, low and off key.
Keeping the beat in time with my mind.
Making rhymes pop out of the ugly sunshine.
Yeah, it’s the ugly sunshine that makes me feel sublime,
taking a change to make the dance.
A lancer jouster playing Texas poker makes money,
refuses to fold, yup.
I’m an animal in the wild, running down
the drain into a secret space.
Where the mind frame,
And chaos starts to draw clear lines through my brain.
Where a record scratches and repeats the chorus
All of us, together in focus writing like they’re ghosts
And we in a spooky forest, or a castle, running with mad hatters,
Problematic solving,
See the pain goes away when the game is played, and I’m all in
from the beginning to the end.

I’ll be writing.

Fighting fear, and riding lightning,
Rocking stages, when I’m asked to perform,
not as a circus clown, but a poet in town
with real lyrics for you to hear.
And get on the floor
And feel something.


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.