You have a story?
Let ‘em know you
are the protagonist.

You a notebook slinging
poet, with
ink stained fingers?

Show them your words.
Show the notebook
some time
to breathe.

You are a beautiful peace
of machinery.
The world needs you
to sing your songs,
to write your poems.
Don’t keep ‘em in the notebook.
Let ‘em sing,

Show your spark,
before the bombs go off,
and there is no us.
Show the world some love.

We are all beautiful people.
All of us, singers, writers
Soul-filled freedom fighters,
actors, accountants
trash men, teachers
We all play our part.

Lets all sit down for supper.
Lets all sing together.
Lets chill,
like ice cubes in a glass
on a sunny day.

The horns come in,
The drum kicks in
And the band begins to play.
We are all human beings.
No more killing today.

Just listen to the melody,
sing it and I will join you.

I wont hurt you
and you won’t hurt me.

We are 88 keys.
We are family.

This life is a masterpiece.
Play your part.
Play it well,
and sing a


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.