Here it goes.

The man had a bat. He played baseball. (Character Development)
The man had a wife. She was beautiful. (Back Story)
The wife loved alcohol and took Tegretol. (Character Conflict)
The man had a drink and drove home. (Rising Action)
The wife had a lover. His name was Paul (Rising Conflict)
The man had a bat. He used it on Paul. (Irony)

The Man went to trial. The family cried. (Family Drama)
The wife hired a lawyer. The Lawyer lied. (Plot Twist)
The Man was convicted of Homicide. (Tragic Climax)
The Wife moved on, The Man got 25 to Life. (Dramatic Ending)

The end.
Sip coffee. Pat back.
Move on with life.


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.